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U.S.Partner Resources

The U.S. Partner site provides resources needed to educate and engage U.S. Catholics in faith-based actions that will promote international social justice and solidarity with the poor and marginalized people overseas. This site can be used to connect to our domestic programs, access materials, see upcoming events and contact information, and it provides tools for assisting in outreach efforts to our constituents. For additional information about this site and available resources for CRS Diocesan Directors and partners contact the U.S. Operations Call Center at 1-866-608-5978.

Diocesan Director and Partner Information

You will find information in this section to aid Catholic Relief Services' Diocesan Directors and other partners in building global solidarity within their (arch)dioceses.

Contact Information

Find information on how to get in touch with the CRS regional office and Diocesan Director serving your state and the U.S. Operations Call Center.

Latest News

Find the latest emergency press releases, new resource links and the latest partner mailer.

U.S. Operations

U. S. Operations serves Catholics in the United States as they respond to the Gospel's call to live as one human family by upholding the sacredness of life, promoting international peace and justice, and creating global solidarity. The division seeks to help U.S. Catholics change their hearts, minds and lives so that, on the basis of faith, they actively work to transform the world. We also seek to influence U.S. decision makers to encourage change in American policies and practices so they contribute to international justice.

Catholic Relief Services currently has five regional offices to serve the archdioceses and dioceses in the United States.

Map of U.S. Regions
West Region Southwest Region Midwest Region Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Southeast Region
Alaska Arizona Illinois Connecticut Alabama
California Arkansas Indiana Delaware Florida
Hawaii Colorado Iowa Maine Georgia
Idaho New Mexico Kansas Maryland Kentucky
Montana Oklahoma Michigan Massachusetts Louisiana
Nevada Texas Minnesota New Hampshire Mississippi
Oregon Utah Missouri New Jeresy North Carolina
Washington Wyoming Nebraska New York South Carolina
North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee
Ohio Rhode Island
South Dakota Vermont
Wisconsin Virginia
Washington, DC
West Virginia