Diocesan Director Ministry Description

General Description:

CRS partners with Diocesan Directors to incorporate global solidarity into their ministry in order to advance our shared mission and vision of global solidarity through Catholic Relief Services in the (arch)diocese by:

  • representing Catholic Relief Services in the (arch)diocese;
  • educating Catholics about Catholic Social Teaching and the work of Catholic Relief Services;
  • engaging Catholics, especially parishioners, in international concerns, including CRS’ programs such as CRS Rice Bowl, Food Fast, Global Solidarity Partnerships, Advocacy programs, CRS Ethical Trade, etc.;
  • offering training to parish leaders, including how to organize a Global Solidarity parish ministry team;
  • coordinating the diocesan response to international emergencies; and
  • collaborating with other offices in the diocese to advance the work of global solidarity.

Suggested Responsibilities:

  • Attend the CRS Diocesan Director Orientation and regional meetings of Diocesan Directors as appropriate.
  • Represent CRS at diocesan conferences and parish events with exhibits, workshops, and public speaking.
  • With the support of CRS and coordination with relevant diocesan offices, develop a global solidarity plan for the (arch)diocese and report on progress to the bishop.
  • Form a CRS committee (or possibly a joint CRS/CCHD committee).
  • Coordinate, manage and promote the annual CRS Collection.
  • Work with various diocesan offices/ministries to incorporate global solidarity into their work and throughout the diocese. Such offices/ministries may include but are not limited to: Ethnic Ministries, Youth Ministry, Evangelization, Religious Education, Schools, Liturgy, Social Action, Missions, Parish Social Ministry, Communications and Universities.
  • Build relationships with parishes (pastors and parish leadership) to incorporate global concerns into broader parish-based social ministry and to promote the use of CRS’ parish resources.
  • Recruit and train lay leaders, such as parish CRS Rice Bowl coordinators, to take ownership for and increase global solidarity activities in the diocese.
  • Organize parish and diocesan events to educate about poverty, Catholic Social Teaching, particularly the call to global solidarity and “Communities of Salt and Light.”
  • Work with the Catholic and secular media to publicize local events related to CRS and to ensure coverage of CRS’ emergency and development work to increase awareness of and participation in the work of CRS in the diocese.
  • Develop, manage, or coordinate with a diocesan legislative network to involve Catholics in advocacy on behalf of issues of concern to the people CRS serves, and to implement CRS initiatives, such as Catholics Confront Global Poverty.
  • Manage, evaluate  and promote diocesan participation in all four elements of the CRS Rice Bowl program (prayer, fasting, learning, and giving), ensure accurate ordering for good stewardship, and oversee the granting of local funds (25%).
  • Share trends and information of the diocese with national and regional CRS staff.
  • Report and provide CRS emergency updates to the Bishop on international issues and other agency activities.

Skills Required:

  • Commitment to engaging Catholics in the social mission of the Church
  • In-depth knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Familiarity with Church structures
  • Good networking and communication (oral and written) skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Computer skills, including knowledge of word processing or desktop publishing programs and the internet
  • Community organizing skills (beneficial but not required)