Diocesan Director Orientation

Catholic Relief Services hosts a new Diocesan Director orientation annually in the early summer. During the three-day orientation, CRS Diocesan Directors learn more about CRS’ mission, work overseas, programs and the resources available to do the work of CRS in their dioceses. This is also an opportunity for the new Diocesan Directors to meet with CRS staff, to learn about building capacity in their respective diocese and discover how Catholics in dioceses are an integral part of CRS. CRS recognizes that CRS appointed Diocesan Directors have a variety of other diocesan commitments and responsibilities so during the orientation, there is time provided to create a CRS action plan while learning about the different challenges, strategies and successes of other Diocesan Directors. While experienced Diocesan Directors are welcome, the orientation’s primary focus is on Diocesan Directors that have been in the position for less than two years.

The next CRS Diocesan Directors’ orientation will occur on June 6-8, 2017.  For more information, please contact Kimberly Mazyck at kimberly.mazyck@crs.org or Chris West at chris.west@crs.org for additional information, if you have been appointed by your bishop to serve as a CRS Diocesan Director.