Haiti Resources for Parishes and Schools
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Resources for Colleges and Universities

The following resources can help motivate your campus community to become involved with issues affecting the people of Haiti.

Students on Capitol Hill

Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS

Evening Prayer Service for Haiti
Hold an evening prayer service for Haiti. The prayer service is available in two formats: the first is a booklet with photos that can be printed and copies as a handout. The second is a plain-text version that you can edit and adapt to accommodate local needs. The plain-text version also has an appendix that contains a pronunciation guide for Haitian Creole.
Daily Prayer for Haiti
This short prayer may be used daily to keep Haiti in your prayers.
CRS Global Solidarity Network for Colleges and Universities
Visit the CRS College website to learn how colleges and universities have reached out to Haiti and join the Global Solidarity Network to connect your classroom to other global issues.
Catholics Confront Global Poverty
Join over a million Catholics in the United States advocating to end hunger, disease, conflict, and other issues that affect the lives of our brothers and sisters worldwide.

For additional information, contact the CRS US Operations Haiti Partnership Unit.