CRS Southwest

Role of CRS Southwest

CRS Southwest provides opportunities for Catholics in its eight-state region (Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming) to become involved in the work of global solidarity through a variety of activities available in English and Spanish. Team members are available to assist dioceses and Catholic organizations by providing resources and making presentations at workshops, training sessions, conferences and other events.

CRS Southwest program areas include:
Global Solidarity Education and Faith Formation

  • Providing prayer and liturgy resources (with an emphasis on global solidarity)
  • Developing CRS Rice Bowl as a parish-based Lenten program of prayer, fasting, almsgiving and learning about our brothers and sisters in need overseas
  • Coordinating Speaker Tours featuring presenters from CRS programs overseas
  • Facilitating clergy and seminarians to preach about global solidarity in parishes

Engaging Youth and Young Adults in Global Solidarity

  • Offering a global hunger awareness retreat for youth through the Food Fast program
  • Providing leadership development (including overseas immersion experiences) for youth ministers and Catholic high school teachers
  • Advancing global solidarity themes through training on curriculum integration for Catholic high school teachers

CRS U.S.–Mexico Border Program

  • Collaborating on resources and opportunities for global solidarity on the U.S.–Mexico border
  • Developing a cross-border peacebuilding program integrating cultural awareness, spiritual formation and leadership development for Catholic young people

Catholic Higher Education

  • Establishing relationships in the Southwest Region that strategically direct person-to-person outreach and opportunities
  • Assisting faculty, staff and student leaders in the integration of global solidarity issues into higher-education programming
  • Sharing quality CRS resources with partners in education
  • Where appropriate, preparing a mutually agreed-upon program of activities/events for the academic year with Catholic higher education institutions

Advocacy and Fair Trade

  • Educating on global issues, such as global poverty and international development, HIV and AIDS, peacebuilding, and immigration
  • Providing information and opportunities for legislative advocacy on international policy and issues affecting the poor overseas through Catholics Confront Global Poverty
  • Promoting Fair Trade resources and activities to promote economic justice