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CRS welcomes your questions, comments and concerns. Please call 1-866-608-5978 or e-mail us using the contact form below for information on how to get involved with CRS programs that support our work overseas. If you are a journalist, you may wish to consult our list of Media Contacts. You may also want to sign up for e-mail updates on CRS' activities. To inquire about general information other than U.S. programs, visit:

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 Please note that your message will be sent to our U.S. Operations Division, whose mission is to assist Catholics in the United States live their faith in solidarity with the poor overseas through CRS programs. For all other inquiries (employment, request for funding, etc.) please email:

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Contact Your Local CRS Representative

If you are a parish, diocese or individual and would like to find out how to make a difference here in the United States, please call 1-800-235-2772, or you can use the search feature below to contact your local CRS representative.

Find Your CRS Diocesan Director

If you would like to get involved with the work that CRS does, contact your local Diocesan Director. The Catholic Relief Services Diocesan Director educates Catholics about Catholic social teaching and the work of Catholic Relief Services. Your Diocesan Director can help you participate in CRS programs like Operation Rice Bowl, Food Fast and more. Your Diocesan Director also coordinates your diocese's response to international emergencies. To contact your Diocesan Director, use the form below.

Find Your CRS Regional Director

The Catholic Relief Services Regional Director represents CRS in a specific area in the United States to bishops, pastors, educators, and other leaders, as appropriate. CRS Regional Directors help the Diocesan Directors with information, etc.

Jim DeHarpporte

CRS West Regional Office


Roberto Navarro

CRS Southwest Regional Office


Matthew Burkhart

CRS Midwest Regional Office


Cullen Larson

CRS Southeast Regional Office


Maureen McCullough

CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office