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Emergency News Releases

When disaster strikes around the world, Catholic Relief Services and our partners move quickly to provide life-saving assistance to those in need. It is our goal to link you to the latest emergency press releases.

Global Emergency Update for May/June 2017

This global emergency update provides the latest snapshot of the most pressing humanitarian emergency responses.

South Sudan: Hunger Emergency Response Factsheet

This factsheet offers brief details on the South Sudan hunger emergency.

Syrian Refugees Crisis 

Syrian refugees continue to flee the devastating civil war that has left their country in ruins for more than four years. The Syrian refugee population represents the largest forced migration since World War II. Neighboring countries bear a heavy burden as their economies, societies and infrastructure struggle to absorb millions of refugees. Learn about CRS’ response to this crisis.

Laudato Si’ – Our Common Home and Climate Change  

Climate Change -Why This Matters  

Catholic Relief Services is witnessing first-hand the effects of environmental degradation and climate change on poor and vulnerable people around the world. Read more on at Laudato Si’ – Our Common Home and Climate Change .  

Help End Human Trafficking 

Trafficking Facts

  • Estimates consistently place the number of trafficking victims in the millions worldwide
  • Victims are disproportionately women
  • The two most reported types of slavery are sexual exploitation and forced labor

Read more on the trappings of human trafficking, the Catholic Church’s reponse and view other related links on CRS’ Help End Human Trafficking page.

Ebola Outbreak: Call for Robust Response

Catholic Relief Services is continuing our ramped-up response to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa by capitalizing on our long history in the region, and our broad community and Church networks. Read more …

Global Solidarity Network Calendar of Upcoming Sessions

Global Solidarity Network (GSN) a Study e-Broad Program for Higher Education allows CRS and Catholic universities and colleges to share their common concerns for social justice and peace and global responsibility through information and communications technology tools. Read more about GSN


CRS Webcast Calendar

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